The first day of the trip, leaving Budapest's Hero's Square and heading down towards Szeged to cross the border to Romania, rainy mountain ride in the afternoon. 
Day 1. Budapest-Szeged-Border Crossing to Romania-Nagykata-Deva 
Odometer: 650 km

PictureAbout to leave the Hero's Square in Budapest.
So this is it, eight in the morning and the bikes are all warmed up on Hero's Square, Budapest. About thirty interested friends and other bikers who are prepared to take us to the border are gathered on this sunny day. Just to add to the feeling, one of the primary TV channel's crew turned up for the usual -let's fill the program with something- kind of interview. We have been preparing for this day for quite a while now. The idea of riding around the world on a motorcycle was, in fact, my Dad's idea. It came on one Christmas Eve when our biker friend Samu surprised us with the book of  Zoltan Sulkowski and Gyula Bartha, the first duo to circumnavigate the globe with a motorcycle. Nevertheless, we both hooked on it as the motorcycle bug was already in the family for a long time. So this is eight in the morning, and finally, our dream about begins. There are around ten bikers who decided to ride along with us until the Romanian border together with a car with some of my friends and my grandpa in it. We have reached the border without any exciting event, excellent riding conditions, good mood, a perfect day to see my beloved country for the coming years. 

Aurel Sr. giving interview to the RTL's TV crew
Only 2885 kilometers in the V-strom on the day of leaving Hungary.
Crossing over to Romania was probably the easiest border crossing. About five minutes of administration we were already rolling on the roads of Transylvania. As this beautiful area use to belonged to Hungary, communicating with the locals are not an issue. Not as we stopping at every corner for tea, we are trying to reach the Carpathian mountain before sunset. Our primary goal is to arrive at the Bulgarian seashore by the next afternoon, so we need a long first-day ride. The only thing holding us back is the quality of the roads. The constant holes on most of the Transylvanian roads were a sad reminder of the negligence of this region, however, as we approached the Carpathians the view of the mountains completely made us forget about the shaky road. The Carpathians are the major dividing line between central and eastern Europe with peaks over 1500 meters. I would recommend this region for bikers as this is probably the best way to get down to Istanbul from western Europe. 
Mom, Dad and me before crossing over to Romania
Last touches in Hungary
By late afternoon we were already climbing the Carpathians when the first storm of the trip caught up with us making our progress a bit slower. Finally, we have reached Deva, a small city inside the mountains. It took us about an hour to find the only one available accommodation which was moderately cheap with its 15 dollars a night/room price. 



Thaothong K.
09/10/2014 11:48pm

Goodluck mr.tom wish u luck

09/11/2014 8:47am

Thank you Thao, appreciate it :)

09/11/2014 2:12pm

An inspiration guys to the rest of us Adventure Riders! It's great to see a father and son effort. I was only in Hero Square with my wife a week ago holidaying and you picked a great starting point! I too have just recently completed a 8,500 km trip in Western Australia - Perth to the Gibb River Road a back. The best thing about it was riding with my two brothers and a mate (all Crusty Quinns) and all on Suzuki DR 650s. I look forward to reading your adventures - Ride While You Can!

09/17/2014 12:40am

Dear Roley, thank you for your comment. I really hope that you had a great time in Hungary. It was Dad's idea to start from the Hero's Square, it is easy to get out of the city from there, nice spot and nevertheless we had to manage a few bikes parking.

Riding with my Dad is probably the best thing, especially that he taught me how to ride and drive and since then we always ride together, since I don't have any brothers I have to stick to my old man. One of my all time favorite bike is the DR 650, one of our friend from Ulysses club (I'm sure you know Ulysses) has one and it is a great bike.

Thank you for your support and for following us, I will diligently post every second day :) Best of luck and safe riding...

09/19/2014 9:03am


I am now back in Perth Australia and are now planning our next big Adventure Ride next year with my two brothers of course. Shortly we are attending the local Horizons Unlimited event where other like minded Adventure Riders meet and share ideas on bike mods & accessories and travel experiences. Stay upright

09/12/2014 1:32pm

Will keep following! Ride safe!

09/19/2014 8:20am

You guys coming to South Africa? ?

09/18/2015 3:24am

It would be a wonderful adventure! Let's invest in creating memories, as this is a form of experience that money can't buy. This is also a good opportunity to know the culture of the country you will be visiting. I hope to try more of your adventures one day.

12/28/2015 11:32pm

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