Deva-Bucharest- Bulgarian Border Crossing-Burgas
Odometer: 650 km - 1299 km 
Leaving Deva in the morning, crossing the Carpathian mountains, de-touring Bucharest and entering Bulgaria through the Friendship bridge over the Danube. Our campsite is on the shores of the Black Sea in Burgas

So we are officially touring around the world with the first sunshine shining through the peaks of the Carpathians. The road is pretty slippery after the night's rain with lots of leafs on the tarmac. Surprisingly all of a sudden the road became excellent. The night before when we arrived at Deva, it was bad as it can get but the morning it was just great. Hold on, was it the road or just our tiredness and the constant rain made everything look awful? 
PictureTarmac snake of Transylvania
Either way, the morning scenery was just out of this world. I had thoughts just to screw our itinerary and spend a week or even a month in the Carpathians and discover all the wonders this place has to offer. The bikes are just made for this curvy and hilly terrain. Not a single hick up from neither of the bikes even when we are pushing them hard in some serpentine with fifty something extra kilos on them. Unfortunately, the fun is getting close to its end, and the landscape is flatting down like a freshly made up bed, realities of Romania hitting us as no more beautiful mountains around but polluted cities with lots of ran down Dacias. 

PictureThe Carpathians

Little before 10 am and we are already shooting the distance of Bucharest, as we are progressing into the dream and of course the daily Etap we decided to skip Bucharest and try to get out of Romania as fast as possible and have a dinner on the shore of the Black Sea in Bulgaria. As we are battling with navigation on the outer ring road of Bucharest, gravitation win over Dad as we stop, pulling him and the bike down to the ground, I almost followed him as I couldn't stop smirking and laughing under the helmet. Our lunch was rather satisfying somewhere on the very shady outskirts of Bucharest where we made quite a scene arriving with two fat, colorful bikes. 

PictureThe Friendship Bridge
The first slightly eventful border crossing waited for us in the early very early afternoon today. We decided to cross the border over the Danube, my favorite river which banks accommodated my whole childhood. The friendship bridge as formerly called stretching over the two countries with its enormous iron structure, a big reminder of socialist times and its style of architecture in the 1970's. Today the bridge is called Giurgiu–Ruse Bridge, named from the two cities it connects on each side of the border. Leaving Romania was just as easy as one would spit into the Danube but as one would say, letting the trash go is always easier than accepting it. This is exactly what happened to us on the Bulgarian side. Neither of are smoking but just in case we bought three cartons of cigarettes at the Hungarian border just in case we need it, or we can just barter with it in some thick jungles. Oh well, of course, the first question of the Bulgarian custom officer was towards cigarettes and alcohol in our boxes which we vehemently denied. Either our firm denial or the curiosity towards our gear made the police order us to empty all of our boxes. Seriously? Two days before we packed them so carefully just to be opened and completely emptied now? Long story short, our cigarettes were confiscated, and after some negotiation, we were on the way towards Burgas, the city where it all begun for me 20 something years ago. 



09/05/2014 3:54am

Very cool trip report. Will you guys post daily?

09/11/2014 8:49am

Yes, we will post daily updates ;)

09/05/2014 7:12am

Coolest guys! Thanks for blogging this.. I have seen all the pix and heard many stories from you but finally i get to read it in details. Cheers!

09/11/2014 8:49am

Thank you Pat for your support

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